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 Nelson Passas Photography

Sierra Foothill photographer Nelson Passas enjoys roaming the United States, most particularly the High Sierra, the Eastern Sierra, and the Southwest, capturing the spiritual essence of nature on film.  He has recently photographed Alaska and Eastern Africa. Passas� work is characterized by a unique blending of nature�s compelling energy in combination with a quiet spiritualism. His award winning Slot Canyon Series reveals an unusual glimpse of nature's power of creativity. He has received multiple awards including Best of Show at the California State Fair.


         Alaskan Totem               Slot Canyon         Africa

Purchasing Information


Print Only Print/Matted Print/Matted/Framed
20"x24" $250 $350

Dimensions: 28"x32"


Dimensions: 31"x35"

16"x20" $175 $275

Dimensions: 24"x28"


Dimensions: 27"x31"

  • Fuji Reala film

  • 4" 100% cotton acid-free archival matte

  • 1-3/4" flat black wooden studio frame


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