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David Chan

Sierra Foothill artist David Chan is best known for his "Wild Impression" series of metal garden sculpture which is very popular in prestigious boutiques, garden galleries and nurseries.  Chan continually challenges not only his artistic skills and sensitivities but also his keen understanding of the laws of physics as manifested in his "Temple Bell Series" and "Kinetic Art Series".

Chan's background in science has influenced every aspect of his art. His knowledge of anatomy makes his wildlife realistic. his familiarity with chemistry is revealed in his second series, Bonsai Fine Art.  Physics knowledge makes it possible for Chan to create such spectacular wonders included in his Kinetic Art Series. An accomplished student of Tai Chi, Chan's  inspiration for several of the kinetic sculptures have come from the graceful martial art that originated in China.  He started constructing brass kinetic trees and now has moved on to natural forms in oxidized metal. The size and shape of the kinetic pieces vary but several reach over 15 feet in height and include a multiplicity of moving parts.


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