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    Located in a 3000 square foot historic rock building constructed in 1860, Gallery El Dorado is on the main street of the famed Gold Rush town of El Dorado, near the intersection of Main Street (Pleasant Valley Road) and historic Highway 49. When the gallery owners purchased the building in 1994 it  was used as a large warehousing facility. Impressed by the history as well as the architecture of the original building and its potential for displaying a variety of fine art, the space was renovated to accommodate two and three dimensional art as well as a small cafe and outdoor garden space. Three  music studios were added to accommodate Suzuki Violin and Piano Schools, as well as El Dorado Music Studios where seven instructors teach piano, voice, guitar, and percussion.  There is a special ambiance within the one hundred fifty year old rock walls and open air gallery garden space...a unique setting to enjoy fine works of art, music, and good food.

    The decision to feature local artists was a natural one, given the location of the gallery and the many talented artists residing in the Sacramento /Sierra Nevada Foothill locale. The gallery features a few key artists on a permanent basis as well as presenting special showings from new artists throughout the year.




Send all comments and questions pertaining to purchase to gallery@gardensculptures.net

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